Alyssa Richmond

Goddess Experience

There are 3 ways you can work with me 1-1:

Book a 90-minute 1-1 £555

Book an Elemental Session using the links below, or click the link above to book a bespoke 90-min 1-1 session (via Zoom) combining elements of your astrology, human design and tarot.

Book a Taster Session – £222 

This is an audio reading (not Zoom), and may include elements of astrology, tarot, and human design, depending on what I intuitively feel will best serve you. If you have any particular area you’d like to focus on, please let me know.

Join my VIP Goddess Experience – £5555

Read more about some of what will be included below, but note that this experience will be tailored to you, bringing in astrology, human design, tarot, planetary archetypes, elemental and moon energies, and the Divine Feminine. It will run over 3-9 months, including 15+ hours of 1-1 time.

Work With Me

Through my 1-1 work and group offers, these are some of the ways I help women transform their lives, find their sense of purpose, and connect with their authentic paths, bringing them fulfilment, joy, and a profound connection with themselves and the world around them.

Follow this empowering path through the elements of
Fire, Earth, Air, Water, and Spirit.

My approach is to:

Your astrological birth-chart is like a blueprint for the moment of your birth. I will identify your Personal Life-Chart and will weave in tarot cards that are aligned with your chart to add depth of understanding. Your Signature Tarot Profile will highlight energetic strengths that you can use in your life now.

Together, we will take a transformative journey through the elements of Fire, Earth, Air, Water, and Spirit. 

If you are ready to invest in you and journey through the VIP Goddess Experience, please click the link below to tell me more about you and what you’d like to explore or achieve.

Connect with you - Fire

Fire initiates the astrological wheel, igniting your spirit, your passions, your potential…

Fire –
Soul Signature Consultation

Connect with others - Earth, Air, Water

EARTH follows Fire to ground energy, creating strong foundations to manifest your dreams…

Earth –
Soul Empowerment Consultation

Where you are…

Book your Soul Empowerment Consultation if…

Air follows Earth

to free your mind from materialistic matters and to inspire your thoughts…

Air –
Soul Freedom Consultation

Water follows Air

to bring you back to your heart, to your emotions, to your relationships with others but also with yourself…

Water –
Soul Connection Consultation

Connect with the Magic - Spirit

Blending all four elements, we remember our connection to soul, to the ancestors, to the Divine Feminine…

Spirit –
Your magical year ahead

By looking at the astrological energies for your year ahead along with the insights of the tarot, you can:

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