Alyssa Richmond


“I am delighted to have Alyssa as a member of my Mastery Academy that represents the elite practitioners in the field of Tarot. Alyssa combines coaching, tarot and astrology to create an incredibly powerful, insightful and transformative experience. I was very fortunate that Alyssa drew up my Astrology chart and it was very accurate and her interpretations provided me with amazing guidance. If you are wanting to connect to your authentic life path, then I would unhesitatingly recommend Alyssa.”

- Richard Knight, World-Renowned Tarot Mentor & Reader, Psychic, Medium & Healer

“Alyssa’s in-depth astrology & tarot card reading is amazing. Her reading is not like anything out there. I could tell she’d put so much effort into diving into my chart before we met. The combination is unique & she gives you mind blowing insight that is bang on. Prepare to be amazed. Alyssa has a natural gift and I can tell she loves her craft. I will be getting another reading. Plus I’m keen for top ups with her 3 card readings. Yes, I recommend Alyssa”

- Iona R

“Wow! I just had the most incredible Soul Signature Session with Alyssa. I don’t know if I’ve ever felt so seen and understood. So many things that I always worried about trusting within myself and so many parts of myself that I felt at odds with or misunderstood, feel so much clearer now. I feel like I have a much more positive and guiding energy in my life now to see more clearly the next steps I should take, and more understanding of myself. Alyssa is so intuitive and her energy is beautiful, I could have listened to her talk all day. Highly recommend her sessions if you feel lost and are craving a bit of understanding and guidance in your life. Thank you so much!”

- Marissa W

“I just had an AMAZING Soul Signature Session with the wonderful Alyssa. The whole experience was so insightful with the loving guiding energy that Alyssa has I felt really cared for and inspired. The session really helped to confirm to me where I’m going right and where I need to remember to focus my attention and energy and I’ve come away feeling real clarity. Alyssa is a beautiful soul who is clearly bursting with intuition and love. Thank you so much Alyssa!”

- Rachel W

“I gifted myself the privilege of a session with Alyssa reading my Birth Chart for me. Prior to the session Alyssa asked me to give her my name, time, and date of birth. She used this information to craft a beautifully presented chart complete with a detailed document which she explained to me during a zoom call.

I have a limited knowledge of Astrology but both as both a working psychic-medium, tarot reader, and postgraduate psychotherapy student I found it fascinating to see how the various transits of the planets can help define a person’s personality. Affording them the opportunity for personal reflection and growth.

Alyssa calmly talked me through all of the different houses on the chart exposing how the various transits influence personality traits. She was very knowledgeable and answered any questions I had.

I was so impressed with the session that I asked if I could get her to do a natal chart for a friend’s new-born baby. I wanted something unique and different l and again I got it. Apart from the stellar document, Alyssa not only consulted me on the physical presentation, but was very conscious that the information in the chart be presented in a way that would help my friend learn about possible personality traits their baby might develop over time. My friend loved the gift. It was very unique and something no one else would have thought of.

If you’re looking for a deep dive into how astrology can benefit you, I can’t recommend Alyssa more highly. You won’t be disappointed.”

- Graham N

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