Alyssa Richmond

Disclaimer, Terms & Conditions

Please Note: All readings are simply a guide. Tarot and astrology help illuminate your path forward, but neither will tell you which path to walk or how to walk it. Your choices, other people around you, and situations evolving will affect your life, so any likely scenarios or timelines we discuss are not “written in stone” and may change due to circumstance or your actions. You have free-will and can make any changes in your life that you wish. A reading/consultation does not compel you to take specific actions – it merely makes suggestions. You are an intelligent adult, able to make your own choices and use your own common-sense. In the eyes of the law, the consultation is for entertainment purposes only and how you respond to the information given during a reading is entirely your responsibility. Clients must be 18 or over to book, receive and/or purchase a reading. I do not give health, legal or financial advice – please seek out the appropriate professionals.

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