Alyssa Richmond

Intuitive Life Coaching

using the wisdom of tarot and astrology to transform, empower and inspire…

Do you feel like there must be more to life?

Do you feel like the path you are on isn’t authentic to you, isn’t fulfilling, doesn’t bring you happiness?

Do you feel a bit lost, like you’re at a crossroads but you’re not sure what direction to take or what change to make?

Do you feel a yearning to connect with something bigger, to understand the bigger picture and where you fit in it?

The key to a happy life is understanding yourself

and I can guide you on a journey of self-discovery that will provide clarity of purpose, a sense of direction, and support personal transformation so that you can develop a deep sense of self-awareness, the knowledge and abilities to overcome negativity and blocks, and the inspiration to connect with and follow your true path.

I combine the ancient wisdom of tarot and astrology,

providing aligned and heart-centred personal pathways for you to follow so you can connect with your inner knowing and develop a strong sense of self that supports your journey to becoming your passionate, purpose-driven, authentic self, with a sense of clarity and confidence that you cannot fail at life.

As both a trained personal transformation coach and certified practitioner in esoteric methodologies, I create a bridge between the sense of loss in the modern world and connection with our soulful,
spiritually-guided self.

"I just had an AMAZING Soul Signature Session with the wonderful Alyssa. The whole experience was so insightful with the loving guiding energy that Alyssa has I felt really cared for and inspired. The session really helped to confirm to me where I’m going right and where I need to remember to focus my attention and energy and I’ve come away feeling real clarity. Alyssa is a beautiful soul who is clearly bursting with intuition and love. Thank you so much Alyssa!"

- Rachel W

"Wow! I just had the most incredible Soul Signature Session with Alyssa. I don't know if I've ever felt so seen and understood. So many things that I always worried about trusting within myself and so many parts of myself that I felt at odds with or misunderstood, feel so much clearer now. I feel like I have a much more positive and guiding energy in my life now to see more clearly the next steps I should take, and more understanding of myself. Alyssa is so intuitive and her energy is beautiful, I could have listened to her talk all day. Highly recommend her sessions if you feel lost and are craving a bit of understanding and guidance in your life. Thank you so much!"

- Marissa W

Work With Me

Connect with You – Connect with Others – Connect with the Magic

Moon Magic Sisterhood

The membership group for women who want to harness the power of the Moon for self-discovery, empowerment, & authentic living.

Alchemy – Awaken the Goddess Within

The group programme for women who are ready to rediscover their sacred feminine power, align with their soul’s path, & unleash their inner goddess.

Goddess Experience

My 1:1 work to help women transform their lives, find their sense of purpose, and connect with their authentic paths.

I’m so honoured to have received this wonderful endorsement from my mentor, Richard Knight, who is a world-renowned tarot reader, psychic, & healer.

“I am delighted to have Alyssa as a member of my Mastery Academy that represents the elite practitioners in the field of Tarot. Alyssa combines coaching, tarot and astrology to create an incredibly powerful, insightful and transformative experience. I was very fortunate that Alyssa drew up my Astrology chart and it was very accurate and her interpretations provided me with amazing guidance. If you are wanting to connect to your authentic life path, then I would unhesitatingly recommend Alyssa.“

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