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Welcome to the Awakening Programme:

For Women who want to Unleash their Inner Power & Transform their Lives!

Are you ready to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and personal growth?

The Awakening Programme is a transformative life coaching package for women designed to guide you towards unlocking your full potential and living a life of purpose and fulfilment. With the powerful combination of life coaching, tarot readings, Major Arcana archetype work, Purpose Alignment Action Steps, a Passion Mapping Exercise, and guided visualisations, this programme offers a unique and holistic approach to self-help and personal development.

Tarot: Your Ultimate Tool for Self-Help and Self-Development

At the heart of the Awakening Programme lies the belief that tarot is the world’s greatest life coaching tool. Tarot cards hold profound wisdom and insights that can illuminate your path, reveal hidden possibilities, and empower you to make conscious choices.

Through the fusion of powerful life coaching questions and the intuitive guidance of tarot readings, you will gain deep clarity and understanding of yourself, your challenges, and your aspirations. Together, we will unlock the secrets of the Major Arcana archetypes, tapping into their transformative energy to propel you forward on your journey of awakening.

Unleash Your Inner Power and Embrace Life

The Awakening Programme is designed to bring you back to life,

Reigniting your passion and purpose. Through thought-provoking coaching questions and the wisdom of tarot, you will reconnect with your authentic self, rediscovering what truly matters to you and what brings you joy. As you dive into the Purpose Alignment Action Steps and Passion Mapping Exercise, you will gain a clear vision of your life’s purpose and how to align your actions with your deepest values. Expand your possibilities and step into a life that reflects your true essence!

Ignite Your Creativity and Manifest Your Dreams

Creativity is a vital aspect of the human experience, and within you lies an infinite well of creative energy waiting to be unleashed. The Awakening Programme will ignite your creativity, helping you tap into your creative potential and express it authentically in all areas of your life. Through guided visualisations, you will access your subconscious mind, unlocking inspiration, and gaining fresh perspectives. This newfound creativity will empower you to manifest your dreams, transcending limitations, and embracing a life of abundance and fulfilment.

Join the Awakening Programme Today

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and awakening? The Awakening Programme is your gateway to a life of purpose, passion, and joy. Through a series of four one-to-one sessions, we will work together to harness the power of tarot, life coaching, and creative exploration to unlock your inner potential and guide you towards living your best life.

Take the first step towards your awakening today – expand your possibilities, ignite your creativity, and come alive like never before!

Your authentic, purpose-driven life awaits…

Once I receive your payment I’ll be in touch to confirm receipt of payment and arrange dates with you.

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